Last Mile Delivery Solution Provider

Electric Last – Mile delivery provider that focuses on cheap, reliable and convenient delivery while also caring about the environment. Our riders are dedicated to the service of the community and our clients in order to ensure a transparent and seamless experience.

Fast Delivery

The moment we receive our order, we ensure that the customer receives it within the stipulated time.

Secured Delivery

We ensure that the goods, groceries, foods are delivered and tracked, Safe and sound.

Low Cost Delivery

Our technology at DeliverE ensures that we deliver goods, groceries and foods at a low cost.

Why DeliverE?


At DeliverE, We achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted efforts.


We at DeliverE offer one of the fastest last-mile delivery services in all major cities.

Cost Effective

DeliverE provides cheap and cost-effective delivery solutions in all major cities.

Enviornment Friendly

DeliverE offers environment-friendly delivery solutions with E-Bike or E-Scooter.

Focused On Quality

At DeliverE our one of the most important usp is, we focus on delivering quality services for you.

Zero CO2 Emission

DeliverE Contributing Zero CO2 Emissions with its environment-friendly delivery services.

Hyper Local Delivery
We deliver foods, groceries and your cater to the necessities from the local store, be it the bakery or your favourite mithai shop
Using our technology, you can deliver, track and follow that gift you sent to your friend and ensure its arrival on time
Delivery Partners
We take care of your delivery needs from the store to the doorstep, be it small appliances or your months grocery

Services Offered

We have our presence in all
major cities

We’re a last mile solutions provider that’s a bit different from the rest – we’re not franchised and our drivers are just regular people looking to earn a few extra dollars in their spare and under-utilised time. At deliverE, we pride in honest, reliable and hard-working people who value good customer service, on-time delivery. Our electric fleet, battery swapping and advanced analytics ensures that we deliver on time.

Why EV?

We are motivated by the desire to serve the community sustainably and holistically.
That’s why DeliverE exclusively uses e-fleets.

Lower pollution

Electric Vehicle helps lowering

It is estimated that the last-mile delivery companies are going to be contributing to 32% more air pollution in the next 10 years using traditional 2 wheelers.


Rising fuel costs

Rising petrol diesel prices
hurt's the consumers

With petrol and diesel prices skyrocketing and oil reserves being depleted, we consciously want to participate in the clean energy transition.

Columbia Technology Founder Track (CTech)
Entrepreneurial Greenhouse Program